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Alternatives to Tiling

Dumaplast wall panelling
Looking for an alternative cladding for your walls and ceilings, especially in a humid bathroom situation?
Dumaplast’s decorative wall panelling is waterproof and very easy to clean and maintain, making it ideal for inside shower cubicles as there is no grout to worry about.
The panels also form a warm air layer between the panel and your walls insulating your room.
Panelling has been around for a while but nothing has ever given the same look as real tiles until now. Just take a look at the photo below of a real installation inside a shower cubicle. Without feeling that the wall was not cold to the touch like conventional tiling who would know the difference?
Dumalock panelling is available in a range of colours, can be locked together to form a tile pattern complete with grout lines, and can form either a traditional tile pattern or a brick pattern.
Panelling can be an excellent choice for landlords reducing future maintenance issues.
Why not download a brochure below which shows the full colour range available.
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