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A Simple Way To Prevent Hot Bath Water Scalds
Hot bath water is the number one cause of severve scalding injuries among young children, but the elderly and infirm are at risk too.Every year around 20 people die from such scalds and 570 suffer serious injuries.
Healthy adult skin requires 30 seconds of exposure to water at 55°C to cause third degree burning. At 60°C this takes 5 seconds, and at 70°C less than 1 second. These statistics are worse for the young and elderly as their skin is thinner and therefore less tolerant to higher water temperatures.
The simple fitting of a thermostatic mixing valve (TVM) controls hot water to pre-selected maximum temperatures. The Scottish Building Standards Agency already mandates that hot water is delivered at a maximum of 48°C. TMVs delivering hot water at 48°C will significantly reduce the risk of scalds occurring in the home, while still allowing adults to enjoy a hot bath, and to top up a cooling bath with hot water.